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Collage of different professional sportsmen, fit men and women in action and motion isolat
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a single App to track & analyze

Change the way to track in real-time :

  • Use a fast, convenient and efficient solution designed by field performance Experts for people everyday in the field

  • Keep solid and reliable metrics

  • Spend more time coaching and making decisions less time getting and building data from the field

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live tracking


A revolutionary system to be focused on the essential and we take care of the rest :

  • no more post-session synchronisation

  •  no more antenna

  • no more manual uploading of data.

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digital solution

The smart platform designed by sport scientists & physical coaches to assess and solve problems from the field.

  • 3 performance indices to make sense to your data and support you in decision-making

  • more than 40 metrics

  • the Hybrid solution to master costs (gps live and offline in the same session)

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off-line tracking


The smallest and lightest sensor available on the market with its high level of accuracy and integration.

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